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Wedding Vendors

It’s an exciting time for us as we gear up for another bridal show, fresh off the success of our last one. Building on the momentum and insights gained from our previous event, we are determined to make this upcoming bridal show even more spectacular!

With our collective dedication and enthusiasm, I am confident that we can surpass the achievements of our last bridal show. Let’s channel our energy into these preparations and make this upcoming event an even bigger success.

This is the perfect event to showcase your business to local couples planning their wedding! Each couple will receive a card at the door that must be signed by each vendor. This helps break the ice when having conversations.

You’ll also get to network with the 50+ best of the best wedding professionals in the city at our vendor party!

After the show, you’ll receive a contact list of each couple, including what vendors they are still looking for. This allows you to follow up after the show with each person you talked to at the event, allowing for a better booking rate! We can’t wait to see you there!