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Britin Melton

Lead Wedding Planner

Meet Britin Melton

Fun Facts about Britin

  • Has 2 dogs, Faith and Champ!
  • Huge chiefs fan!
  • Had pet raccoons growing up


Wedding Experience
I have worked in the wedding industry for 2 years!

Favorite part of wedding day
My favorite part of wedding day is hearing the speeches and watching the dances. It is so sweet watching them so happy and makes me sentimental to hear what they have to say about the bride and groom!

Love for the industry
I love working in the wedding industry because it lets me be with people on one of the greatest days. Everyone loves to attend weddings and I get to do it for my job… how fun!

Hire Veil Events Because…
Hire us so that you can have the most beautiful and successful day that you’ve spent so long planning, but without you or your family having to stress on the day of!

Wedding day tip
My wedding day tip would be to make sure you find time to be with just each other! Perfect time for this is during cocktail hour and a last dance once everyone has left! You want to enjoy time with your guests but also want to prioritize time for your partner on your guys’ special day!

Britin Melton's Reviews
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