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Katie Gerard Watkins

Lead Wedding Planner

Meet Katie Gerard Watkins

Fun Facts about Katie

  • I planned my own wedding in December 2022, where I was married at the Guild.
  • I have 2 golden retriever dogs, Murphy Mae and Penelope Prudence.
  • My husband and I love the kitchen, he is the chef and I am the baker.
  • I am Technology Consultant during the day where I help clients implement Customer Success Solutions.
  • My Husband and I are wine enthusiasts and plan all of our trips with at least one winery included.
  • I am a University of Kansas Alum and love all things Lawrence and the Jayhawks.
  • Loves wine, hosting game nights, reading, and traveling
  • Fosters dogs with KC Pet Project


Wedding Experience
Iย have been in the wedding industry for about 6 months, but I come from a family that ran and owned restaurants/catering companies. So for about 15 years I’ve been working and planning large scale events for different occasions.

Favorite part of wedding day
My favorite part of the wedding day is speeches, whoever they are from. I just love getting to hear about the couple and see their two groups of families & friends get to collectively laugh & love on the couple. Your wedding is the only time that all your people get to be in one place for you and I think it is truly the most magical experience.

Love for the industry
I really just love love. Getting to be a part of this day for couples is truly one of the most magical experiences and I love every minute of it.

Hire Veil Events becauseโ€ฆ
Hiring a day-of coordinator is the best investment you can make on your wedding day. The whole goal of your wedding is to be stress-free and enjoy every moment. Having that day-of coordinator allows you to do that and truly “let your hair down”. It also allows your family and friends to breathe and not have any pressure on them during the day.

Wedding day tip
I love when the couple takes a moment in their ceremony to turn around and look at the crowd. I know it can feel odd, but it is so amazing to see all of your people there in one place for you. A moment you likely won’t ever get again.

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