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Tipping Your Vendors

Which vendors receive tips?

Tipping your vendors is optional. It’s not required. However, tipping your vendors is a great way to show them how much you appreciate them. The vendors that get tipped the most are Hair, Makeup, Caterer, Waitstaff, Bartenders, Transportation, and Band Members.

The next set of vendors you can tip are, most of the time, business owners. Business owners never expect a tip, but if they go above and beyond for you and your experience was great, tips/thank you cards are very much appreciated! These vendors would include your Wedding Planner/Coordinator, DJ, Photographer, Videographer, Florist, Baker, and any other vendor you had a great experience with.

Usually, the bride is too busy to pass out tips on the wedding day. This is an excellent job for your wedding coordinator. We typically take the tips which are placed in envelopes with the vendor’s name on them, on Friday night at rehearsal. Then on Saturday, we are happy to pass them out for you!

If tipping isn’t in the budget, you can always write them a nice thank you card and give it to them on the wedding day or mail it to them afterward.

To really top it off vendors LOVE REVIEWS!! Sharing your experience with your vendors can really help other brides make their wedding decisions in the future. You can email a review to the vendor or check out which is a great spot for bridal reviews too!

Tipping Examples

Bartenders: 10% – 15% of the bar bill, they usually expect tips from guests as well. Or $100 – $200 per person.

Waitstaff: 5% – 10% of bill or $20 – $50 per person (If a gratuity is not already included in your final bill.)

Chauffeurs: 15% – 20% of final bill

Hair and Makeup: 15% – 20% of the service

Musicians: $25 – $50 a person

Non-Clergy Officiants: $50

Planner, Baker, Stationer, Florist, Photographer, and Videographer: Business owners don’t expect a tip, but if you had a great experience with them or if they went above and beyond for you a thank you card and/or a tip of $100 – $300+ is appropriate! ($50 for assistants

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